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Magnetoresistive Sensors and Switch ICs

Differential Magnetoresistive Sensors
The differential magnetoresistive sensor consists of two series coupled magneto resistors (D-type InSb/NiSb semiconductor resistors whose value can be magnetically controlled), which are mounted onto an insulated ferrite substrate. The sensor is encapsulated in a metallic or plastic package and has 3 connection terminals. The basic resistance of the total system is 2 x 600Ω. A permanent magnet, which supplies a biasing magnetic field, is fixed on the base of the sensor.

Our Sensors CY-DMR01H and CY-DMR-02H are replacements of Siemens sensors (FP212D250-22, FP210D250-22, FP210L100-22, FP212L100-22).

Sensor Features
  • Sensing over wide rotation speed range
  • Robust metallic housing
  • Signal amplitude is speed independent
  • Biasing magnet built-in
  • Best suited for harsh environments
Typical applications
  • Speed detection
  • Position detection
  • Rotation detection
  • Angle encoder
  • Linear position sensing

Tunneling Magnetoresistive Switches
The TMR elements were recently introduced as a new type of magnetoresistive sensor for industry applications. They are constructed as a magnetic multilayer film material. TMR magnetic field sensing elements exhibit a greater change in resistivity, as a function of applied magnetic field induction. Comparison to Hall Effect, AMR and GMR elements, a TMR element has better temperature stability, higher sensitivity, lower power consumption, better linearity, and doesn't need additional flux concentrator for increasing sensitivity.

Sensor Features
  • High Sensitivity, Low magnetic Switching Points
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption (at 1.5ľA)
  • Wide Range of Supply Voltage
  • Excellent Consistency at Operating Point
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • High Speed Detection and High Frequency Response
  • High ESD Tolerance etc.
Typical applications
  • Water, Gas and Heat Meters
  • Electricity Meters
  • Contactless Magnetic Switches
  • Industrial Proximity Sensing
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Sensing
  • Liquid Level Sensing
  • Motor and fan Control
  • Wireless Door/Window Switches etc.

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